Vatican Attacked By Liberals For Their Stance On Real Science

So long as “the Vatican” (this writer assumes this means the Curia and apparatus in Vatican City that deals with the administration of the Catholic Church) toes the line on leftist causes, She is given deference of moral authority by the gatekeepers of information worldwide.

Speak a truth that the same leftists and gatekeepers want to change, and suddenly the Vatican is rejecting, blocking, terrorizing and more the people deemed vulnerable by the same gatekeepers and those who advance flexible truth and morals.

We the people saw that modus operandi in real time this past week when a statement was released from “The Vatican” rejecting the idea of “transgender” individuals. One publication was particularly vocal about their dismay.

Forbes Magazine has accused the Vatican of “rejecting” transgender people by publishing a text reaffirming its teaching that God creates human beings as male and female.

In her article, titled “It’s The First Sunday Since The Vatican Rejected Transgender People,” Dawn Ennis said that the LGBTQ community considers it “no accident” that the Vatican released its document during “Pride Month.”

“The Church, by sharing this teaching tool during the month celebrated by the world’s gays, lesbians bisexuals, transgender and other gender nonconforming people as ‘Pride Month,’ appeared to be reinforcing the comparison that Pope Francis drew in 2015, that the modern concept of gender is as dangerous as ‘nuclear arms,’” she said.

The Church has always taught that we are as God made us. This is no change to any teaching even if the people in virtual control right now are commonly referred to as The Lavender Mafia. We are man and woman. That’s it, no matter who wants to identify as a unicorn or any other creature real or imagined.

There should be no confusion about that.

And that the document was released during PRIDE month? Pride is the most egregious of the deadly sins. The LGBTQ crowd might consider that.

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