VICTORY: Supreme Court Rules In President Trump’s Favor On Travel Ban 3.0

Travel Ban

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The Trump Administration has won a 5-4 victory on Travel bad 3.0. The decision was divided along party lines with the majority recognizing that the document, not the President’s opinions is what should be considered and recognized that the President has broad powers where these immigration matters are concerned.

Justice Roberts wrote the opinion, which is only the second opinion he has written this session. Justice Sotomayor wrote the decent that babbles on about the President’s comments made during the campaign as well as after he was elected about a Muslim Ban, but the court rightly ruled that only the text of the document should be read.

Travel Ban 3.0 covers seven countries, Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, North Korea, and Venezuela. To call this a pure Muslim ban is a bit silly as I seriously doubt that North Korea and Venezuela are predominately Muslim countries. The ban is also clear on the requirements that must be met for the countries to be removed from the list. One example would be Chad that was recently removed from the list after meeting the appropriate requirements. The five countries that that are on the list make up less than ten percent of the Muslim nations as well.

Going forward the court has made it very clear that a President’s Executive Orders should only be interpreted between the four corners of the document… Not the trash talking during their campaign.

Personally, I find it disturbing that we have four members on the Supreme Court that will rule based on their emotions and own personal feelings rather than adhere strictly to the Constitution and the law. God willing President Trump will get to appoint more Supreme Court Justices before the end of his Presidency.


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