VIDEO: Mad Maxine Melts Down On The House Floor

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I’m sure the title surprises no one and I doubt anyone will be too terribly surprised to see how she conducts herself in this video, but seriously, I think her mental state is weakening by the minute… This woman has no business in politics and should probably be supervised on a regular basis. This will sound funny to some and I mean it sort of as a joke, but this woman is showing all the signs of someone that is liable to do something really stupid one day… And I know, she does something stupid every day, but I am talking stupid as in shooting people or jumping the White House fence and chasing President Trump with a broom. LOL

The argument she was engaged in with Congressman Mike Kelly was over the law enacted in 2008 known as the Dodd-Frank Act. The Dodd-Frank Act is one of those things the Democrats put in place to regulate business… Only like all Democratic policies it has regulated many right out of business and makes it difficult for those that can stay in business to do business.

The specific part of that they are going at it over has to do with loaning money to purchase a new car and somehow it turned into an issue about race and sex discrimination. Mike Kelly called her out on it and takes offense to her insinuating that people in the car dealership industry care about what color or sex someone is when trying to sell a car. Seriously, anyone who has ever bought a new car knows they would sell to a chimpanzee if they could convince the bank they could repay the load. LOL

Kelly made the mistake of referencing making America great and that put her over the top. She starts going off on him like a rabid dog and was told to keep her comments directed to the Chair… Well, that got the Chair a little chastising too.

Of course, I believe in being fair and in all honesty, she did make a valid point when she called the Chair out for not interrupting Kelly for speaking directly to her. The Chair cautioned them when Kelly was done, but he did not interrupt him the way he does Mad Maxine during her rant.

Of course, he was not foaming at the mouth with his eyes bugging out like Mad Maxine. LOL But here is the video, judge for yourself. 🙂

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