VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Suffers Brain Freeze, Stammers And Stutters During Press Conference

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not one to shy away from the cameras. In fact, she holds a weekly press conference where she regularly tries to stick a fork in President Trump, Republicans, and conservative agenda items and call them done. On Thursday, for example, she declared that there would be no money for the border wall. But it was a good portion of the rest of her words that are being examined by the online community.

Frankly, her performance was confused, not professional, and many people on the fruited plain noticed quite a number of flubs.

The House Speaker spoke to reporters today for only about 21 minutes, but there were plenty of strange moments as she botched words, suffered face spasms and brain freezes as she attacked President Trump’s proposed border wall and his leadership during the recent partial government shutdown.

Lamenting the recent partial government shutdown, Pelosi said, “Veterans, many of whom— a third of the Republican— federal employees…”

“Maybe we can do something to help our contractors, uh, because they did— are— not getting paid,” she struggled to say.

The House Speaker attempted to read recent votes to reporters, and had trouble finding the right numbers in her notes.

“163— what is it, 163, uh, Democrats, uh, Republicans voted no,” she said, looking at reporters for dramatic effect, “to a resolution that says shutdowns are wrong.”

“163 voted, only 20, um, uh, 1 voted yes on that,” she added.

Addressing another vote, Pelosi said, “Only 29 voted yes on that. 163— 161 voted no,” she corrected herself.

And that’s just a partial list of the weird things that were happening during Pelosi’s 21-minute press conference.

Pelosi is approaching her eightieth birthday, and as all people with older relatives know, age has a way of messing with the mind. We can joke all we want about the obvious nipping and tucking Pelosi has had done over the years, but this woman is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, second in line to the presidency. With that in mind, this performance was downright scary.

Something is not right. If the woman cannot perform her job, she needs to resign or be removed.


  1. This women should not be in gov with the being diagnosed with dementia. People she is 3rd in line to the office, do you understand the importance of that.??? She is not fit for the job. Find someone else.!!!!!!!

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