VIDEO: NBC’s Chuck Todd Drools Over Quote By John Brennan

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Things are now getting kooky in the swamp. For a long time, Obama’s spy chief club, James Clapper (DNI), James Comey (FBI), Adm. Mike Rogers (NSA), and John Brennan (CIA) have covered each other’s backsides both in front of the cameras and behind closed doors. At a meeting that Comey refused to attend, Clapper and Rogers outed Brennan as having used the now infamous “Russian dossier” to get a warrant to spy on then-candidate for President Donald Trump.

Brennan appeared on Chuck Todd’s MSNBC show after this happened, and Todd maneuvered the conversation to the Trump Tower meeting of Jared Kushner and Don Jr. with the Russian lawyer who claimed to have “dirt” on Hillary. (Yes, the meeting that Kushner was in when he emailed his assistant to call him to get him out of it since the meeting was a waste of time.)

“One quote that I have always highlighted, circled — you can talk to my staff, we’ve had it cut out, we have it plastered on one of our walls of timelines as we try to keep track of this.”

“It’s something you said to Congress in May of ’17, when you said, ‘Frequently, people who go along a treasonous path do not know they are on a treasonous path until it is too late,’” Todd added.

The NBC host prompted Brennan to liken the quote to the Trump Tower meeting.

“Is it an episode like that you were describing?” Todd asked, “Is it episodes similar to that when you use that specific quote about a treasonous path?”

“Well, I was basing that on my experience and the intelligence world and the tradecraft that goes along with intelligence collection espionage,” Brennan replied.

“Frequently intelligence officers will try to cultivate a relationship with individuals without revealing their intelligence affiliation,” he said. “Individuals are frequently led down a path because of either friendship or some type of business interest or collaboration and they start to do things that are unethical, a bit abnormal in terms of what their responsibilities are, as well as illegal.”

Well, yeah, isn’t that what spies do? Set people up for compromise?

If that’s the case, and this Russian lawyer was some sort of intelligence asset, wasn’t she trying to do the same thing to Trump’s son and son-in-law? Too bad they were smart enough to smell a rat and got themselves out of there before anything of a blackmailable variety actually occurred.

Yes, plain and simply, they were being set up.

And why is it Chuck Todd has to bring this up all the time instead of asking John Brennan why his former intelligence cohorts are no longer covering his backside?

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