VIDEO: New Section Of Trump’s 30 Foot Border Wall Creates First Disabled Immigrant

Video Below


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This is awesome! Most of the stories I have seen reporting on this have titles like “Horrifying Moment Caught on Camera” to describe this border jumper falling 30 feet to the ground crumbling a few bones… I may be wrong about this, but my guess is most people reading about this here will have a different perspective that’s probably more along the lines of, “good, he got what he deserved!” 🙂

The most common argument we hear from the liberals when the discussion about building the wall President Trump wants to erect along the entire southern border is that it will not work because the people will just find a taller ladder.

Sensible American’s and those around the world that have seen the difference a good wall can make—think Isreael—say BS… We need the wall if we are ever going to get the insane flow of illegal immigration under control. The $25 Billion to build a wall is nothing compared to what we currently spend annually on illegal immigration.

In this particular incident, the intruder had a 30-foot section of wall behind the Gran Plaza Outlet mall in Calexico to contend with… He managed to somehow get to the top from the Mexico side, but he apparently didn’t give much thought to how he was going to get down the other side.

You can see the illegal entry being made in the still image above… The soon to be disabled immigrant is the white shadow in the red circle above. He survived the fall but was hauled away and airlifted to a medical center in Palm Springs where they discovered he had bilateral femur fractures and some back injuries…

There is now at least one illegal immigrant in a wheelchair who tried to get over a section of the new border wall…I’ll bet if we get the entire wall built and leave a few bodies lay at the bottom people who give a lot more thought to the concept of legal immigration and find a door to come through…

Have a look at the video if you want to see that shadow take the plunge from the top of the wall to the last place he will ever stand on his own two legs. 🙂 Pay attention to the upper left-hand corner near 2018, that’s where he jumps from.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments!

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  1. He fall down go BOOM!!

    I hope when they deport him, they keep the wheelchair on OUR side… If he hadn’t been committing an international crime, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt!

    • I love it Texas Jester. It would not take to many and people down south would say I better stay home because once this guy is deported I doubt his home country will give him much to live in. He would have been better off staying home and working to earn his money.

  2. Why should we be responsible for the medical bills of the idiots who break the law, when they choose to climb the wall ??? Throw them back over the fence and wave bye bye.

    • Yeah, I agree, why the hell did we give him free medical? We should have picked him up, broken legs and all, and dumped him over on the Mexican side of the wall. That would let the next hundred or so Mexican’s know that this is what will happen if you try to climb the wall.

  3. Your looking at this wrong — he might be in a wheelchair oh well — Personally I would electrify the fence to 100,000 volts at 50 Amps and watch those INVADERS FRY. Maybe then they would stay the hell out of OUR country.

    • And if illegal aliens tended to vote republican, this wall would have been built DECADES ago! With anti-personnel mines, automated machine gun nests, high voltage fences, alligator pits…

  4. We’ll get the bill for his care, and he’ll remain in America on welfare, and free medical for life. Need I state the obvious? He might deter others, because he didn’t DIE. His ploy, therefore, has been rewarded. Bad break for him with ok consequences. Ought to be sent back to Mexico, as they provide free care, but bad break for us as he uses benefits meant for citizens

  5. Humpty Dumpty climbed a GREAT wall. Humpty Dumpty had a spectacular fall! All the kings nurses and all the kings doctors couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back upright again!


  6. Humpty Dumpty climbed a GREAT wall. Humpty Dumpty had a spectacular fall! All the kings nurses and all the kings doctors couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back upright again!


  7. if he /she is stupid enough to do illegal things ,,where on gods green earth does it say we have to give them medical attention.. to me that is aiding the enemy. IF they want to come to the USA do it legally

  8. I’ve always been intrigued by the trebuchet. Seems like the perfect tool for sending illegal immigrants back over the wall.

  9. Bring in a crane, hoist his behind up and back over the wall. There is a door dummy and it is called citizenship

  10. So now he is an illegal alien, in our country, sucking up OUR medical money and eating very well. undoubtedly in a wheel chair that Medicaid paid for–out of MY Medicare money!! Send him back on a canvas stretcher and let his illegal wanna bees carry him–or leave him to crawl. I am sick of hearing about these losers sucking our resources.

  11. And upon release from the hospital, drop him from a helicopter from 30 feet on the OTHER SIDE OF THE BORDER!


  13. Why did they fly him to Palm Ssprings–fly him over the wall and DROP HIM AGAIN!!! Now we will be fixing him so he can come back again! I am tred of paying taxes to pay for care for ILLEGAL ALIENS!!

  14. The U.S. is not responsible for anyone who gets injured while trying to climb the wall. Period. Shoot the jackass and put it out of its misery.

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