VIDEO: Russian Su-27 Comes Within Feet Of US Spy Plane Over Baltic Sea


Video Below

Defense Department officials are reporting that a U.S. Navy P-8 Surveillance Plane was in international airspace over the Baltic Sea when a Russian Su-27 fighter jet buzzed by them coming within twenty feet of the surveillance plane.

While the buzzing of the surveillance plane was unprofessional, the pilots of the American surveillance plane say that the actions of the Russian pilot were “safe” and that they never felt threatened or unsafe at all.

The last time a Russian Pilot got cocky and buzzed a U.S. Navy EP-3 Spy Plane was a few months back in January. That encounter was not considered safe at all as the Su-27 Fighter Jet that buzzed the EP-3 came within a mere five feet crossing right in front of the EP-3’s flight path. The encounter was so close it caused the Navy Jet to fly through the Su-27’s jet wash.

It is not uncommon for American and Russian pilots to play games with one another over the Baltic Sea but they typically maintain some modicum of safety and professionalism.

The situation between Russia and the United States has been growing more and more tense since President Trump took office… Not so much his doing or desire, but because the Democrats have been pushing their Russian Collusion, Russian Puppet narrative that has pretty much dictated the necessity for him to stay at arm’s length from all things Russia.

Of course, the growing presence of Russia in Syria has made it impossible for him to avoid dealing with Russia and mother Russia has felt the tip of the U.S. Military’s spear on more than one occasion now. They scrambled to avoid our Tomahawk Missiles and then got the life literally kicked out of them when they attacked our ground forces in Syria.

The situation with Russia has gotten even worse over this past weekend and now the Russian Foreign Minister is accusing us of trying to divide Syria. I would say they are right about that… We are trying to divide it into free people who don’t have their children gassed and mutilated and Assad and his Iranian buddies that are long overdue for a whoopin!

We don’t need a war with Russia, but they know we have a President that won’t be pushed around like the last one and had better watch their step…

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