Vile Attacks By “The Squad” Gives President Trump Significant Ratings boost!

On Sunday, when President Donald Trump sent out a series of tweets telling the four Democrat women of color in the Senate that they were welcome to return to where they came from if they were so unhappy in America, the four horsewomen of the apocalypse, as they are being called among some conservative circles, took to their own Twitter accounts to label the president “racist.”

The squad doubled down with a press conference, and the president responded again.

That led to Democrat leadership being forced to back the quartet of women who will not shut their traps, a knee jerk reaction to side against the president at all costs.

On Tuesday, more back and forth occurred from both sides, and the end result: President Donald Trump’s approval rating jumped five points in forty-eight hours.

The national survey, conducted on Monday and Tuesday after Trump told the lawmakers they should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” showed his net approval among members of his Republican Party rose by 5 percentage points to 72%, compared with a similar poll that ran last week.

Democrats, of course, following the dictates of the echo chamber they inhabit, disagree, but it looks like the president may be losing steam with independents ahead of the next election.

Among independents, about three out of 10 said they approved of Trump, down from four out of 10 a week ago. His net approval – the percentage who approve minus the percentage who disapprove – dropped by 2 points among Democrats in the poll.

Trump’s overall approval remained unchanged over the past week. According to the poll, 41% of the U.S. public said they approved of his performance in office, while 55% disapproved.

Which, of course, is why President Trump’s rallies, campaign and otherwise are stuffed to the gills with waiting lists two and three times the size of the venues the campaign uses.

As with any poll, these results are to be weighed with the knowledge that questions have not been published, nor have the breakdown of parties interviewed.

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