Violating Tradition, Dems Refuse To Let Rep. Scalise Speak At Hearing On Gun Control

With increasing frequency, the Democrat intolerance for any opinion other than their own is shining through in the headlines. This week, Senators of the party of the donkey voted lockstep not to require treatment for infants surviving abortion. As well, in the House of Representatives, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler is refusing to allow shooting survivor Rep. Steve Scalise a chance to counter the Democrats’ gun control proposals.

Scalise spoke with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow during Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

Scalise said, “They’re moving a gun control bill this week. The Democrats have, with their hard shift to the left, they’re already moving towards taking away the right to law-abiding citizens to have a gun. So we’re having a hearing on gun violence in the new Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee, and Doug Collins, the Republican on our side, wanted me to be one of the witnesses to testify.”

Scalise explained, “Historically, if a member of Congress — Republican or Democrat — wants to testify before a committee and they have something unique to say, we provide that venue from him to do it. We’ve done it in the past when were were in the majority, and Democrats in the previous majority did. For whatever reason, the Democrat in charge of the committee says he won’t let me testify in that same forum. [He is] trying to block my testimony on gun violence. How ridiculous is that?”

Scalise added, “The irony is, can you or anybody else name who was on that panel that day? Typically, these congressional hearings get no attention. But when he banned me and tried to stop me from testifying, I ended up getting a lot more national attention for my message.”

Scalise went on, “Look, it was people with guns who saved my life. Because the bad guys out there, they’re going to find a way — whether it’s knives or guns or bombs — they’re going to find a way to do what they do, with or without new rules that block people that are law-abiding citizens.”

Scalise concluded, “We’ve got a lot of laws on the books, already. If law enforcement and the FBI in the case of Parkland and other agencies just followed all the rules, in many cases you would be able to stop other violence from happening. These new bills that they’re bringing in many cases wouldn’t even have stopped the violence that’s happened, but it would make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get a gun.”

And that, in a nutshell, is what the Democrats in the House are all about: shoving anti-American laws down the throats of law-abiding citizens. Yes, guns in the hands of the unhinged costs lives, but guns in the hands of the good guys save them. Rep. Scalise is a living testament to that, and for the Democrats to not allow him to speak to that, violating tradition, should tell the world just how committed to controlling the rest of us they are.

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