Virginia Gun Rights Rally Not What Was Advertised

What happens when peaceful non-violence meets the American people facing their most basic rights being stripped from them by unscrupulous politicians hell-bent on a massive gun grab?


On Monday, the day the United States celebrates the legacy of the American in the twentieth century who stressed that peaceful non-violence is more powerful than picking an actual fight, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., reports of up to 25,000 people descended on Richmond, Virginia, taking to the streets and standing outside what came to be known as “the cage” or “the pen” that the governor of that state had erected around the capitol building.

They came from all over the country, from all walks of life, all for one cause.

The Second Amendment. They came, they chanted, they demonstrated, and they were well behaved even when others tried to pick fights.

For decades, heck, centuries, the powers that want to rule this nation have tried to disarm the people. Their main message is usually that so much destruction is caused by guns every year, never mentioning that a weapon is an inanimate object requiring a human directing it for its destructive force to be unleashed. While there are tens of thousands of crimes assisted by these weapons in the USA annually, there are hundreds of millions of said weapons that are NOT used. This is the point the people know and sought to make plain to the mainstream media.

The American people are not fooled by the attempts at disarming us. Right after the guns are taken will go free speech, religious rights, the right against search and seizure, entrapment, and more. Those actions on behalf of our previous overlords are what led to the Bill of Rights being included in the Constitution in the first place.

It would be very presumptuous for globalist sorts who are behind these efforts to presume Americans are ignorant of that fact, and would just hand over our means of self-defense without a fight.

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