Voters Still On The Make America Great Again Train

With the 2020 presidential election season underway, and the Democrat candidate field dwindling as just about all of the candidates are dealing with dismal crowds, and unpopular ideas that didn’t work the first time or any time they were tried, some intrepid reporters from the New York Post are actually tracking President Donald Trump’s popularity with the people who put him in the White House: the middle class of middle America.

Thanks to wretched business policies from every administration since President Ronald Reagan, middle America came to be known by the moniker “the rust belt.” These are the people who really did make America great back in the day. The ones who worked, and sacrificed for a better future.

These are the people who elected President Trump, and it looks like they are set to re-elect him in 2020 for more American Renaissance.

Smith is among the scores of people I interviewed in 2016 for my book, “The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics,” along with my co-writer Brad Todd. In it, we examined the unique coalition of voters who helped sweep Trump into office.

Broken down into seven archetypes across 10 pivotal counties, the book pinpointed both lifelong traditional Republicans, who should have broken ranks with their party because of Trump’s brash style but ultimately did not, and Democrats who felt disconnected from their party or its nominee Hillary Clinton and instead sided with the billionaire from New York.

Conservative ideology alone did not unite this coalition. What did was conservatism fused with a populist distrust of big institutions including the media, DC politicians, Hollywood and corporations, all based in ZIP codes far removed from the people they supposedly serve.

Three years later, all 24 of the people we interviewed for “The Great Revolt” (except two we’ve been unable to reach) told us they have not wavered in their political allegiances.

Polls echo this dynamic. Earlier this month, Cook Political Report election analyst Amy Walter crunched numbers from a recent New York Times/Siena poll to show that Trump’s edge in the Electoral College remains the same or has even grown a bit since 2016 in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and even Minnesota, which he lost by a hair.

“It is 2016 all over again,” wrote Walter, and she’s not wrong. 

This is what happens when politicians actually deliver on promises to make people’s lives better. The people will re-elect them.

So, in 2020, it’s full steam ahead on the Trump Train. Making America great really is all that.

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