Warren’s Meme Team Fails To Launch

It was supposedly a good idea. Put together a “meme team” to compete with the online volunteer army that memed President Donald Trump to the Oval Office in 2016. After all, if millions of rank amateurs could do it, professionals should be able to at least make Senator Elizabeth Warren look like…well, a real Injun or at the very least, not an insane socialist.

They started out alright, sort of, with big announcements, objectives, goals and even a write up in the New York Times.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Warren’s Meme Team wrote:

@WarrensMemeTeam will help us win the primaries, then win on the digital battlefield in the general. Expressive energy channeled through this engine will a) outperform the trolls, b) “organize the memers”, & c) empower all supporters to participate w/ any skill/creativity level.

Yeah…that didn’t really work out.

Megan Fox from PJ Media puts it plainly:

Those are lofty goals, but I can guarantee you that Elizabeth Warren’s meme team will never “outperform trolls.” If anything, this will just give the trolls the material they need for even better memes. Meming is for the anons on 4chan, and everyone knows not to poke 4chan, except Elizabeth Warren, it seems.

Her second goal, to organize memers, is where she really goes wrong. Memers are not organized and “meme magic” only works when it’s organic. A theme spreads naturally and thousands of people spontaneously add their creativity to the idea in the form of memes that just snowball until saturation is complete. There have been several “meme wars,” the current one going is the “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme, which deserves its own exhibit in the Meme Museum. My favorite meme war was in 2017 when CNN doxed the meme-maker the president retweeted that cast Trump as a wrestling star tackling CNN. The only way to know if a meme will succeed is to watch it take over social media naturally. You can’t force a meme.

All over the internet, the efforts were flat out panned by the nameless faceless army of meme makers, who just…well, one guy even made a video.

Seriously, Elizabeth Warren’s team tried to out meme the meme people.

Insanity…and Epstein didn’t kill himself.


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