Washington Bracing For Impact Of Final Mueller Report Expected Soon!

After almost two years of hype, and Russia Russia Russia coming from the mainstream media championing the Robert Mueller Special Prosecutor investigation, word on the swamp air is that he’s just about done, and a final report is about ready to be released.

So, who is going to “benefit” from what the report has to say?

In a change of attitude, the Democrats are downplaying the report’s importance.

And according to an anonymous White House source talking to The Hill, there might be a reason for that.

“Anything short of them saying the president colluded with Russia and is now being indicted is going to depress Democrats,” a source close to the White House told The Hill.

But Mueller’s report won’t end Trump’s legal headaches, and it could raise new questions about the investigation itself.

Lawmakers will pressure Trump to make the document public, and Democrats are likely to pursue any stray leads. As a result, the report is bound to lead to new headaches at the White House.

“I think any report in the short term is going to be a political problem for Republicans, but in the long term I think it’s going to be a problem for Democrats,” said the source close to the White House, who requested anonymity to speak candidly about the Mueller investigation.

Any legal headaches Trump and his team have are a result of an old liberal trick of suing a target they want removed from office into oblivion. With officeholders who are less well off, such tactics are amazingly effective as the person will leave office rather than bankrupting themselves. Against a billionaire like Donald Trump, that may not work.

That does not change that the Robert Mueller investigation, so far, has produced zero results related to the original question: did the Trump for President Campaign collude with the Russian government to get him elected. If there is no evidence to that effect, then what was the exercise all about?



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