WATCH Congress Get Schooled By Candace Owens On Capitol Hill

No one likes to be called out on their transgressions, least of all Democrats. That might be why House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler was so nasty to witness Candace Owens on Tuesday while she told one truth about the Democratic Party and individual Democrats after another.

“Let me be clear, the hearing today is not about white nationalism or hate crimes, it’s about fear-mongering, power and control.”

In her opening statement, Owens said many journalists had appeared confused about why she was speaking at the hearing. She said she was there because she had been the victim of a hate crime when she was in high school.

She said few people knew that about her because the news media and journalists “on the left are not interested in telling the truth about me because I don’t fit the stereotype of what they like to see in black people.”

Owens’ grandfather, 75, sat behind her at the hearing. She said he was a sharecropper who “grew up in an America where words like racism and white nationalism held real meaning under the Democrat party’s Jim Crow laws.”

She also called the Ku Klux Klan a “Democrat terrorist organization.”

“There isn’t a single adult today that in good conscience would make the argument that America is a more racist or white nationalist society than it was when my grandfather was growing up,” she said. “And yet we’re hearing these terms sent around today because what they want to say is that brown people need to be scared, which seems to be the narrative that we hear every four years right ahead of a presidential election.”

Candace Owens is a black woman who dares speak the truth. That is why she is feared by Democrats. When it comes to race relations, Democratic hands are nowhere close to clean. Ms. Owens is determined to expose that, hence why she must be stopped.

The Democrats tried on Tuesday. She made mincemeat of them. Watch:

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