WATCH: Low Information NYC Voters Can’t Pin The Racist Quote On The Right Politician

The quotes and discussion in question are about Baltimore, pre-weekend cleanup thanks to a citizen and his volunteer army, but they do demonstrate that the American people, and thus voting public, are woefully uninformed.

Since President Donald Trump began the Twitter assault on Rep. Elijah Cummings and his attitude toward his district in Baltimore, Maryland, he has been slapped with the “racist” label. All the president did was point out that the place was rat-infested and filled with trash, a truth that was proven with video, live feeds and more in the succeeding days.

The Democrats, on the other hand, can say just about anything they want that might well be actually racist, and never seem to get called on it. The mainstream media has the people who don’t pay all that much attention to politics convinced that in the racism arena, Trump is practically the devil.

Ami Horowitz, a contributor at Daily Wire decided to find out what the people on the streets of New York City knew about which politicians said what about who. It turns out they were all confused.

It would be quite entertaining if it wasn’t so sad that these people are allowed to vote. If their attention spans do not include knowing who said what about Baltimore when the information is so readily available, what else do they not know?

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