WATCH PBS Admit Wall Improvements In El Paso, Leave Out The Rest Of The Story

Before the segment launches off into attacks on the current efforts and reasoning to actually build a full-scale wall or barrier in El Paso, Texas, PBS New Hour actually admitted something significant: the Border wall, after a fashion, is actually going up despite what political provocateur Ann Coulter has to say. The admission is significant even if the funding, according to PBS is coming from previous administrations’ appropriations and efforts to do the same.

Naturally, the reporters here went out of their way to find someone who did not want the wall to do the talking for the locals at first, but we do learn some interesting history.

  • Some barrier or fence has been in El Paso for decades.
  • The efforts to build a wall actually started over a hundred years ago to keep Chinese “migrants” out.
  • Opium coming across the border from Mexico has been going on for well over a century, whether or not the Chinese were responsible.

And then for balance, the woman who tells of the “free for all” when there was nothing to block the passage across the border itself was not as impactful, but at least the information was there.

While the El Paso area is seeing historic lows of illegal immigration, and the fence is credited with helping that significantly, the local people truly only know the local side of the story. El Paso is one town on the border that is two thousand miles long, some of it with no sort of barrier at all. Where the barriers exist and at the crossing checkpoints, yes, things have improved. In the desert and in the mountains, not so much. That is where the border patrol has been finding the starving children, the girls raped during their journey, drugs in addition to what comes through the checkpoints themselves.

That is the point that this segment from PBS ignores.

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