Watch Rep. Matt Gaetz Take Down Ivory Tower Snowflake

It was by far the most explosive and satisfying moment in a show hearing that could be used as a sales pitch for No-Doz. After sitting through at least an hour of pontificating horse hockey from three “constitutional scholars” who kept calling the United States “our democracy” when most of us know it’s a republic, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida was ready for a little blood.

Frankly, those of us who played solitaire while the pontifications went on were waiting on baited breath. And guess what. Gaetz delivered. Big time.

Really, removing the speaker of the house at this time…crossing our fingers for 2020.

So, all three of the academic lawyer snowflakes dragged in front of the country – willingly – by the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee gave money to Democrat candidates. All are professors of law in some of the most liberal bastions of academic miasma in the nation. All previously wrote against impeachment and are now for it.

And…all are obviously contemptuous of the representative who DARED to use their own words against them. Seriously, the man (and/or his staff) did his homework and put on a show that made these bitter Trump Derangement Syndrome willing victims look as vile and mean as they probably are in real life.


But the special contempt from not just Gaetz, but across the conservative sphere was laid at the feet of Pam Kaplan who outdid Fiona Hill for the title of leftist hag of the year. Her attack on President Trump for naming his son Baron even got censure straight from the First Lady even as she was flying home on Air Force One from the NATO meetings in Europe.

The Democrats have been quite obvious in their stacking the deck in these impeachment show hearings to favor themselves. Thankfully, Republicans have a bench of representatives willing to call the witnesses out on their own crap.

That alone is what makes these hearings worth watching.

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