“We Build The Wall” Sees Evidence Of Cartel Efforts Tapering Off

It’s a small project in comparison to what the finished product will look like, but the grassroots effort known as “Build The Wall” is making progress on the southern border of the United States and Mexico, and an update from Foreman Mike is illuminating when it comes to the sort of traffic that will be cut off when the barriers are finally all in place.

This project is being privately funded, and it is not without hazards, although not all of them are related to workplace injuries.

Mike added this on the effectiveness of the current project, “When I got here 17 days ago there were 450 people a night crossing. When equipment started arriving it went to 300. When manpower started working we went down to 200. When we started placing the bollards it went from 70 to 30 to 0. We’ve had no crossings in the last 8 days.”

Then Mike added this on the very security situation, “We have military clad specialists from the cartels probing our line. The only thing stopping them is our specialists in the hills counteracting with them. We expect to be completed late, late, late this evening or early tomorrow with the first segment of the wall. “

When asked about the security needed to deal with the drug cartels, Mike replied, “It’s extremely dangerous. They got within 15 feet of the escavators last night. They’re coming down and trying to probe against the new wall… We have approximately 15 guards on post, armed security individuals.”

The Border Patrol estimates that $100,000 to $200,000 worth of business daily will be cut off with the completion of this section of wall. The probability does exist that the cartels will treat the barriers as a sort of Maginot Line and just go around it, but the message of this project hopefully is getting to Washington. If the government won’t build the wall, the people will do it ourselves. It is a matter of national security whether the swamp rats in D.C., want it to be or not.

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