Yes, The Deep State Exists, According To Former CIA Heads – WATCH

We’ve all heard the term, “The Deep State,” referring to the permanent government employee class that does not turn over from administration to administration. These are the people who have no loyalty to a president, but more to keeping the system – and their salaries – running.

For many years, the deep state has been dismissed as being a conspiracy theory, only believed by the tinfoil hat brigade who have no doubt Lee Harvey Oswald could not have killed President Kennedy, and who insist that the Rockefellers and Rothschilds want to rule the world.

Well, with the exposure that Rep. Adam Schiff’swhistleblower” claiming that inappropriate exchanges happened on a presidential phone call is actually a Central Intelligence Agency asset who is currently not working in the White House due to being a leaker,  those who have served at the top of that shadowy group are now admitting that at least the deep state itself is a real entity.

Whatever “truth” that the deep staters tell the president is, it’s more likely to protect the deep state than it is to advance any cause that the American people really would value.

With this admission, John Brennan and John McLaughlin have now opened the doors to the wider conspiracy world where just about every theory and scientifically backed questioning of “facts” has been ridiculed and systematically dissed for decades. What if a lot of it is actually true? What then? Have the American people been lied to? Why?

These are the questions that will linger until the deep state itself is not only completely exposed, but removed from government, because it certainly does not exist to serve the public.

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